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  Bath Accessories  

Bath Robes

Woven / Knited, Terry / VELOUR All bathrobes are exclusively designed to provide you premium comfort and marvelous quality at an affordable price. Imagine how you will enjoy the soft and thick cozy sensation of sinking into one of these plush bathrobes. They are made of absorbent natural high quality cotton and best of all they come in wonderful colors, styles and various sizes for the whole family with a variety that is unmatched anywhere.

Normal Sizes For
Adult & Kids Bath Robes
S, M, L, XL, XXL
  Velour Terry Cloth


Bath Mats

Our bath mats have been designed to absorb water and prevent slipping.The range in color & design varies from contemporary to the classic enabling it to match all typed of interiors. It can be produced in chess design, Greek border design, picture frame design, etc.

Normal Sizes For Bath Mats
50 x 70
20 x 28
50 x 76
20 x 30
54 x 74
21 x 29


Cotton Towel Fabric, Open-Toe or Closed Toe Plain or with Embroidered / Printed Name, Logo. Any size and color as clients require. Each pair packed in clear poly bag.

Normal Sizes For Slippers
8", 9", 10", 11" & 12"